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Flaco: Adventure-Seeker, Denture-Wearer

For those just tuning in, here are the previous installments of our Saturday Serial:


I’ve been thinkin’ about how to best draw today’s Saturday Serial for a while, now…and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. My favorite bit? Flaco grabbed Arthur’s wing with his foot, not his hand.

Flaco’s pretty rad. I love how, for such a little dude, he’s got this mountain-climbin’, bear-wrasslin’ attitude about him, sometimes. Does that sound like I’m surprised about that? It should — I was genuinely surprised when Flaco decided to leap off Arthur’s back. You see, he’s a fully realized little guy, in my head, and HE made that decision to leap, not me. Sounds weird, but it’s true.

Oh! And someone asked me recently how you pronounce “Flaco”. It’s Flah-co …similar to “Taco”. (“Oso”, by the way, is Oh-so).