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Flooring Question: Creating the Illusion of Space

Today’s a sledge-hammer-and-chisel day for me: I’m in the process of tearing out my old, 1951 yellow-and-puke-green bathroom tile in my house. (By the way, what were they thinking, in 1951? “We won the war! Now let’s go home and design ugly tile! 23-Skadoo!”).

When I’m done with the demo, I’ll be replacing it with some black bamboo flooring.* But since I haven’t laid flooring in a while, here’s my question for the wiser ones among us, before I start:

Let’s say, theoretically, that a room is perfectly square. If the initial “impression” of the room will be had from one vantage point (…aka, the door), what’s the better direction to lay the planks to create the impression of a larger room, overall? Left-to-right, or front-to-back?

I’m curious to hear everyone’s opinion. Go ahead and discuss below!

*Yep, they can do bamboo in black, now. Looks cool.