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Followup: Where in the world are Sheldonistas?

To answer a few questions that came up…. the “Portland” in the list of Top 10 U.S. Sheldon cities was Oregon! My apologies to Portland, Maine, for getting your hopes up.

Also, we had a lot of Aussies (Oy! Oy! Oy!) write in asking for their list, so here goes: The Top 10 Australian cities for Sheldon readers…

1.) Sydney

2.) Melbourne

3.) Brisbane

4.) Perth

5.) Adelaide

6.) Canberra

7.) Cranbourne

8.) Hobart

9.) Gold Coast

10.) A small family of koalas who live by that one town with that creek that dries up a few months every year. You know the one. With the guy? Who has that blue truck? That one.

Fun fact for me: I was not aware that there was a city called “Gold Coast” in Australia! I’ve always associated that name with a cruddy Las Vegas casino built in the 1960’s…containing the same carpets that were installed in the original construction. My apologies to the Gold Coastians in Queensland! I’m sure your Gold Coast is far, far nicer!*

Also, follow-up question: Would it be “Gold Coastians”? Is that how you say it? “Gold Coastines”? “Gold Coastinians”…?