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Good News on Shipping

A quick note for folks who bought or who are thinkin’ about buying the new Pug book: Our shipping has caught up to demand. There were days when we were getting a few hundred orders a day, and it kinda swamped our not-Wal*Mart-sized staff. But! But! All orders are now out the door and winging their way around the world!

I can’t thank you enough for the overwhelming response to this book. The first reports are coming in from folks who got their copy, and it’s been great fun to read their excited e-mails.

Because your financial support directly keeps Sheldon going, here’s good news you should know:

– If you ever have questions about your order, you can e-mail me directly, and I’ll help solve it: [email protected]

– If your package was lost or damaged in any way, we’ll replace it at no cost to you.

– In fact, if there’s anything wrong with your order, let us know! We’ll make it right, lickety-split… and usually will throw in something extra to make up for the trouble! That’s how we roll. 🙂

And don’t forget! Let me know what you think of your new Pug book! Excited e-mails are always nice!