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Gym Membership Guys: The New Used Car Salesmen

It’s interesting, because customer feedback reports and consumer satisfaction surveys have actually cleaned up the dealer-affiliated used-car business. They’re not at all as skeevy as they once were. And even cable and phone guys have gotten (a little) more prompt in their scheduling. (A little.)

But boy…you walk into a gym like Ballys, 24 Hour Fitness, or LA Fitness…and they’re on top of you like a vulture on week-old road kill. Everything is a special-deal-today-only-but-don’t-wait-sign-up-now offer.

And there’s something more intimidating about it than your usual salesman: because not only are they givin’ you the hard-sell, they’re givin’ you the hard-sell with 24-inch biceps and thighs that are the size of your chest.

Those guys scare the Pop Tarts outta me.