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Help me make the site better!

We’re in the process of redesigning the Sheldon site, and I need your help with a new feature. We’re adding the ability to jump to your favorite Sheldon story lines. But with 3,200 strips in the archives, I need you to tell me which story lines to include! Tell me your favorites!

If you know or bookmarked your favorite storylines, do this:

In the comments section below, post a brief 5-10 word description of the storyline, and the URL of the first strip in that storyline.

For example, you could write:

“Flaco goes to space”: https://sheldoncomics.com/archive/061230.html


“Flaco goes to space”: Here

(Please post it, rather than e-mail it to me. That way, everyone can see the storylines others have already mentioned, which will cut down on duplicate work. )

Thank you guys for the help!