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“How I Make Sheldon” Video, Take One

So, I’m in the process of filming a “How I Make Sheldon” video to show you guys, right? And I borrow two digital cameras from friends, and set them up on either side of my drawing-desk chair, right? ‘Cause that’ll be fancy, and will allow me to edit back and forth in those moments when my hands are blocking what’s being drawn, right?

Awesome. Great idea. Let’s do it.

So I set the two cameras up, and test them both to make sure the POVs are clear and the tapes recording well…and then sit down to begin making a Sheldon toon.

And two hours later, when I’m done with the toon, I stand up to check the recording…and it’s two hours of the back of my head. IN BOTH CAMERAS. Sure, I had tested the cameras before I started, but I forgot to test them when I was in my “drawing posture,” which of course is gonna have a forward lean to it.

So, yeah. Awesome. A collective four hours of the back of my head. Well done, Captain Brilliant. Film School, here I come!