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Join us for a worldwide Live-Tweet Viewing of Stripped!

This Saturday, we’re going to do a worldwide “Live-Tweet” viewing of Stripped — and you’re all invited!

Basically, the entire world hits “play” on the film at the same time, then follows along on Twitter as we answer questions, give behind-the-scenes info, and share stories we haven’t told yet. It’ll be fun! Here are the deets:

WHO: Directors Fred Schroeder (@fredschroeder), Dave Kellett (@davekellett) and Associate Producer Jen Troy (@JenTr0y)
WHAT: Worldwide Live-Tweet Viewing of STRIPPED, using hashtag #strippedfilm
WHEN: This Saturday, April 26th, exactly at 7PM PST / 10PM EST / 3AM (Sunday) GMT
WHERE: At your place and on Twitter! Just get comfy on the couch, hit “play”, then follow the hashtag #strippedfilm on Twitter, or you can ask questions of the folks behind the film: @fredschroeder @davekellett @JenTr0y
HOW: Using the technological magic of Two-Screens-At-Once™, you can watch a movie AAAANDcheck your phone at the same time. 🙂

…And if you have friends over for a viewing party — which would be awesome — tweet out a pic using #strippedfilm.