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Jury Duty

Los Angeles, as it turns out, has more juried trials than any place in the world (true!).

As evidence of that, I get summoned for jury duty roughly every 1.5 weeks. Or at least it feels that way.

Anyway! The other week, I got summoned to jury duty, and I’m sitting in the massive “waiting room” along with 300 other Los Angelenos, when a Sheldon reader named John walks up and says “Excuse me, are you Dave Kellett?”

Now keep in mind: I’m a cartoonist, not an actor…so the rarity of someone knowing me A.) At all, B.) By the look of my face, and C.) Enough that they’d actually want to talk to me…

All of those are pretty rare things.

Anyway, John and I struck up a great conversation about the background politics in “Drive”, and I sketched up a picture of Nosh for him while we waited for our courtroom assignments. It was the best possible way to pass the wait for jury duty — and I couldn’t be more thankful that John introduced himself. So thanks, John!

Oh! And as it turns out: The defense decided to use one of their peremptory challenges to excuse me from jury duty during jury selection…so I never got to be on the actual jury. It turns out a robbery defense team doesn’t want a guy on the jury who’s had three cars stolen, a home invasion robbery, and a stickup with a 9mm to his temple.

So…lucky me!*

*And thanks, past-Dave, for takin’ it on the chin all those times, so present-Dave could get out of jury duty! You’re a sport!