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Last call, my friends!

First! Because Sunday’s toon isn’t very Christmasy at all, here’s a past favorite toon for all the dog lovers out there.

Second! Last call for orders in the Store is Monday, Dec. 17th, for those using U.S. Priority Mail shipping and not paying by e-check.

Any orders after the 17th, and a Christmas delivery gets chancy. The Postal Service says that any Priority Mail packages posted by the 20th will get to all far-flung corners of the 50 states, but to be safe, we’re asking that your order be placed by the 17th.

We’ll still be sending out all orders after that, of course, but the 17th is still your best bet.

Sidenote: I think the above usage is the first time in my life I’ve ever written out the word “chancy”. What an odd word. It sounds like a 15-pound Chihuahua that loves watching “America’s Next Top Model”.