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Let’s Shake Hands On It

Here’s a fun fact that you may not be aware of: “Sheldon” appears in no paying newspapers. None. Zip. Zero.

Here’s why I bring that up: In the last few months, I’ve gotten more than a few e-mails from concerned Sheldonistas asking “…how was the strip holding up?” with all the newspaper bankruptcies. And they’re always a little surprised when I e-mail back and tell them what I just told you: The strip only appears here…and completely free to all online readers.

And I’m realizing that perhaps I’ve taken it for granted that people know that. Because these e-mails have kept rolling in over the last few months, and always with that same concerned sentiment. So it’s definitely something that needs clearing up. If you’ll allow, then, let me assure you of three things:

1.) The daily Sheldon strip is now and always will be 100% free to read.

2.) The (growing) Sheldon archives of 2,500 strips will always be 100% free to read.

3.) The death of newspapers won’t impact that. The global recession won’t impact that. If anything, the confluence of those two events means people will need a daily laugh more than ever.

So let’s shake hands on it: The strip stays free to read. Deal?