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Let’s look at all the ways today’s meta Sheldon breaks normal conventions:

– We’re seeing backstage, which is weird.
– We’re seeing Sheldon with his glasses off, which is also weird.
– We’re seeing Flaco talk, which was super weird to draw.
– We’re also seeing Arthur get along with Roger…and we *know* them two just ain’t never got along. Lookit the quiet contempt on Roger’s face.

For those of you wondering, this is indeed the “end” of Season 13 of Sheldon. It’s been online 13-14 years, now. (If you’re curious, you can read this blog post, explaining how Sheldon is in its 14th year, online.

For those of you concerned that I might be ending the strip…worry not. But! I will have a blog post in the new year about my changing project priorities. As we finish up the film over the next few months, I think I’ll be changing things up. But all for the better, I assure you!