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My First Blog Post …Ever!

So a bit about me.

My name is Stephanie and I am from southern California. I’m a junior at LMU and LOVING my major (…which is English. Read! Whether it’s Shakespeare or Sheldon.) This is my first internship, so in the beginning I was a bit apprehensive. But no, Dave is not making me bring him a double-shot latte with extra foam from Starbucks every morning, and I have never seen his dry cleaning bill. Instead I’m doing all this amazing stuff! Transcribing is fun, and after doing it for just an hour I already appreciate those of you who take it upon yourselves to contribute to transcribing all of the strips. Not only are you helping out the site and making it easy for other readers, but you get to re-read some of your favorite Sheldon strips. I’ve also done some light book packaging — so if you purchase the books you can enjoy my hard labor. Just kidding. And finally I’ve done my first business-type project that has taught me the process of publishing and distributing (and only on my second day!). Also, the place I work at is amazing. The studio is so well decorated, cozy, with music on and a constant supply of tasty beverages.

And Dave! You know those cool adults that are in movies like “Juno”, and you think “Wait — what? Those people don’t actually exist.” Well I was wrong; they do exist and Dave, my boss, is one of them. He’s funny, intelligent, and super nice. He continually asks me politely if I would like something to drink (manners are practically non-existent in my generation). And his wife and new baby are amazing, too (I know she’s only a couple weeks old – but the awesomeness from her parents are clearly present). If you worship Dave and his art, your praise isn’t crazy – but well directed.

Well I think that’s it! Again, thanks to all of you who have welcomed me.

— Steph ([email protected])