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My Goodness, How I Love L’Academie Francaise

Do you guys remember this Sheldon strip about the guardians of the French lang-a-wage, “L’Academie Française”? It’s one of my favorites.

A.) Because I think the academy is a ridiculous national conceit, and B.) Because I’m particularly proud of the “bakery-fresh baguette” non-sequitor in that strip.

ANYWAY, keen-eyed Sheldonista Lauren T. sent me this WSJ article about the academy, and I had to shre it with you. For all the problems that the English Language has, it makes me incredibly happy that this is not one of them. If “kindergarten” or “sushi” is the best word for the job, I’m so thankful that the English language just collectively goes, “Yeah, sure, great, let’s just use that.”

…and then English goes back to playing Xbox and eating nachos.