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“Nerds on Parade” Now on Sale!

Copies of the fifth Sheldon collection, “Nerds on Parade”, are now available in Ye Olde Sheldonne Store! Huzzah! Huzzah, I say!

I’m realizing, after an e-mail from a new Sheldon reader today, that I haven’t described the Sheldon books to new readers. That’s my bad: I had assumed most of you would be familiar by now — but with new folks, of course that’s not the case! So let me take a second to explain “Nerds on Parade”….

This book is 128-pages of collected Sheldon strips, crisply printed in high resolution. It picks up where the last book, “Blizzard of Lizards”, left off. It includes storylines such as: The Embodiment of Wikipedia, The Libary Summer Reading Contest, Arthur’s Time Travel to the Future, Flaco’s Rescue Flight to Mexico in his Little Ridiculous Plane, Arthur ‘n Flaco Living in the Barbie Dream House, “Lost” Moments from Lord of the Rings, and lots more.

Like all the other Sheldon books, “Nerds” looks and feels really slick: The heavy-stock covers are matte-laminated, so they feel super soft, and the printing is crisp as all get out…so you see all sorts of details you may not see online.

The book is just $15, and there are a few dozen Artist Editions (see earlier post) left at $30.

And if you’re looking to start your Sheldon collection, there are plenty of options. You can start with Nerds on Parade of course, or go back to book one, Pure Ducky Goodness. And if you want to pick them all up, you have the option of the
5-Pack of all the Sheldon Collections, or the
6-Pack, which has the collections, plus the “Pugs” book.

All the books are little bundles of awesomeness. And “Nerds on Parade” (Click for larger cover image), is every bit the great collection you’ve come to expect.

Pick up your copy in the Sheldon Store!