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New Book is Here! Plus, the “Cookie” Print!

It is awesome-time, my friends. Time to announce two new things in the store:

1.) Because 10 gajillion people requested it, we’re doin’ prints of the famous “Should I Have a Cookie?” strip.

2.) Also, in bigger news, the next book collection is here! Delightful Jokes for High-Class Folks is the follow-up book to last Fall’s “Still Got It,” and is available now!

I’ll be honest and say this one might be my favorite book…just for the cover alone. But so many of my favorite jokes and storylines are included in this book: Stuff like the big trip to England, Sheldon’s war on fax machines, Flaco abusing the central heater, Arthur’s invention of Mega Butter, the invention of “Thooonk”, Arthur’s mid-life crisis, Sheldon getting dragged in to Mathletics, the Spontaneous Awesome-Off Competition, and SO MUCH MORE.

I really think you guys are gonna like it. A lot of love went into this baby.

Along those lines: I and my family want to thank every last one of you who order the books, as they are a direct line to Sheldon continuing. As you know, we give the strip away every day for free on the site, RSS, and in daily e-mails. So when you treat yourself to a book, you’re not only getting a cool collection, you’re directly supporting *new* Sheldon strips being created tomorrow. So thank you, guys!