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New Process

For those of you who like it when I talk shop, I thought I’d show you the new way I’m trying out to create SHELDON.

Traditionally, I’d take a 6″x14″ piece of paper, pencil the strip, ink over those pencils, erase, scan and color.

NOW….I’m replacing the pencils with a digital process, before I ink the strip the usual way. Here’s how it works:

1.) I “pencil” out the strip on the computer, which allows for greater flexibility, manipulation, and experimentation.
2.) Then, when everything feels right, I print out that “pencilled” strip, and bring it to my drawing desk.
3.) Using a lightbox, I now hand-letter and ink the strip with archival inks on acid-free, Bristol vellum stock. This is exactly the same as how I’ve always done it…just that there’s no pencil underneath my ink.
– When I’ve inked the “original art”, I then scan and color the strip in Photoshop.

I’ve pasted a visual guide, below. And here’s a much larger version, if you’d like to look in more detail [CLICK HERE].