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New Site!

It’s been a long time a-comin’, but the new Sheldon site is live. We were shooting for a cheerier, cleaner look that streamlined the site…and I think it came out pretty great! I hope you like it.

Speaking of which: I need to publicly thank Tyler Martin for the excellent design work, and Phillip Karlsson for the hosting implementation. As with any new site, there will be bugs a-plenty, so please bear with me (especially as this is launching while I’m away at SDCC, and can’t fix much until next week). But we’ll get to any bugs, I promise!

A few notes on the new site:
– As you may have noticed, all the strips will be growing larger, from 800px wide to 900px wide. It’s gonna make for a much better reading experience. But! We’ve only upsized about 3,000 of the 3,500…so those won’t go live just yet.
– One of my favorite new features is the “5 years ago today” section, which shows you what strip ran way back when. Just click the image to read that strip!
– There’s now a “permalink” button for linking to today’s strip, and social media links! Woo! 2007, here I come!
– On the “Extras” link, you’ll see I’ve started adding in videos. I’ll be adding more, as we go…especially as trailers for the movie start appearing!
– The formatting of the store and forums are both still wonky, as we go live. I’ll attend to those next week. Be patient if you notice something weird: We’ll get it fixed.
– Previously, if you missed grabbing the original art, you were out of luck. But now, you can grab a print of it.

As always, bug catches are appreciated, either below in the comments (…if they’re working! Ha!) or via e-mail to me. Thanks, all!