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Non-U.S. readers! Your attention, please!

I’ve been amazed to see the high volume of international orders for A Blizzard of Lizards. Then it hit me: The U.S. Dollar is getting pummeled on foreign currency exchanges these days…of course the orders are pouring in.

Check out, for example, how little it would cost you to buy and ship one Sheldon book using…

The Canadian Dollar (CAD)

The Pound (GBP) (…I was really amazed at this one. Just 13 quid!?!)

The Euro (EUR)

The Australian Dollar (AUD)

We ship overseas using Global Priority Mail, and to Canada using Air Mail, so most orders should get to their destination within 7 days. But, in the hopes of getting all your orders there in time for Christmas, we’re asking that all international orders be placed by Monday, Dec. 10.

We’ll get all those orders out the same day — whisking them to your door as you laugh at how little money you spent.