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On Bad Surnames

There’ve been a few funny e-mails regarding the recent strips. Mostly stories of local businesses in their town, such as “Crapo Insurance” or “Crapo Transmission Repair”….stuff like that. But Sheldon reader Ginger S. wrote in with one of my favorites:

“Just wanted to say I’ve been laughing really hard at the Crapo storyline right now, mainly because I have a Crapo story, too.

The Crapo family donated money to my undergrad university to remodel a building into a theatre. Normally the school would have named the theatre building after the family but the idea of the Crapo Theatre made them change their minds. Over 20 years later the theatre is still called the New Theatre. There’s a lovely plaque in their honor…but the idea of the Crapo Theatre always made me laugh. “

Ha! I love it. “Crapo Theatre” particularly cracks me up.