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Open Discussion: International Comic-Cons

I have a question for the non-American Sheldonistas in the house:

If I was to attend one international comics convention somewhere in the world in 2010, where would you suggest I go?


1.) It would have to be a show that’s welcoming toward American-style, black-and-white strips written in English. For example, French/Belgian shows and Japanese shows probably would be less in love with that style of comics.

2.) Is there already an audience of Sheldonistas in that city/region? If you suggest Amsterdam or Auckland or Alberta, we can check it against the website’s server logs and see how many readers come from that area.

3.) Would the costs to get there make it impossible to attend? For example, a show in Sydney’s going to be a leeeeettle more expensive than a show in Vancouver. 🙂

4.) To that end: Does your suggested convention sometimes invite international cartoonists as “Guest of the House”? That would help defray some of the costs to travel/stay.

Anyway, suggest away, below! What comics convention would you recommend for “Sheldon”?