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Order Deadlines for Christmas Shipping

For those of you thinking about picking up a book, artwork, etc., over at the Sheldon Store, let me share some upcoming order deadlines:


If you’re ordering from Canada and using 1st Class Mail, we’d actually recommend ordering using International Priority Mail. But if you’d like to roll the dice and try 1st Class, your deadline to order is:

Dec. 10th


If you’re within the U.S. using Media Mail, the deadline to order is:

Dec 10th


If you’re ordering from anywhere in the world, and using International Priority Mail, the deadline to order is:

Dec 14th


If you’re ordering within the U.S. using Priority or 1st Class Mail, the deadline to order is:

Dec. 18th

We’ll of course be taking orders right up to Christmas, and shipping ’em out as soon as they come in. But we’d recommend ordering sooner rather than later, and using the above dates as your deadline of last resort.


And just a reminder: There are two particularly good deals during Decemeber:

1.) Pure Ducky Goodness, the first Sheldon collection, is just $10 from now until December 31st. Start your collection (or start a friend on their collection), and save 33% on the book!

2.) Free Book: Buy the first two Sheldon collections, and get the third one, free! Also good from now until December 31st.