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Our Heroes Re-Emerge, Stage Left

We’re back into it! Back into the guts of Slaughter’s marketplace, back with the Machito crew as they look for pilots. I, for one, have missed this tremendously.

My project schedule is finally — finally — starting to lighten back up, and it looks like I can slowwwwly start returning to DRIVE. This means the world to me…as this story is one I’m very much writing as a gift to myself. And I’ve missed it.

The big detour, these past five months, has been the documentary film I’m making, STRIPPED. Turns out, feature-length films are immensely complex undertakings that require tons of time. Who could’ve guessed. WHO COULD’VE GUESSED. 🙂

Fred Schroeder and I have been pouring all our spare time into it, trying to get it ready for all our Kickstarter backers, and in time for the film festival season. Thankfully, we’re nearing the promised land, and I’m proud of how the film is turning out.

Anyway! Over the next 2-3 months, as the post-production work on STRIPPED winds down, I should be able to slowwwly increase the number of DRIVEs I can produce, until we return to our once-a-week schedule.

As I have in the past, I’d recommend adding DRIVE to your RSS feed, or signing up for e-mail delivery, as that’ll save you from having to check the site. The updates will be irregular for a few more months, so that’s the least stressful option.

Thank you for your kindness and patience during these past few months! Even though DRIVE is a strip I’m drawing as a gift to myself, I know a lotta-lotta folks are getting into it, and have missed it as much as I have. So thankfully our long national nightmare is drawing to a close.