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Posters! Posters in the Store!

Good news! It took hundreds of folks asking for it, but we finally did it: Posters are now in the Sheldon Store! Yep, two high-quality posters printed on matte photo paper (they’re essentially big, gorgeous photographs) are now in the Sheldon Store!

The first is a full-color reproduction of the “Krazy Kat”-homage strip: “Dilly Duck”. The Original Art for this one was snapped up within 10 minutes of it going up on the site…and hundreds of Sheldonistas subsequently have e-mailed asking for a print. So here it is!

The other poster is a long-time classic ’round these parts: The Artist’s Decision tree. Previously, it was sold exclusively at conventions — you couldn’t get it online. But blam! Online it is!

Both posters are 12″ x 18″ and crisply printed on matte photo paper. They’ll both be available through Christmas in the store — and after that, we’ll see. I genuinely don’t know if we’ll keep ’em in stock on not: It largely depends on how tricky they are to ship out in bulk. (The mailing tubes take up a *lot* of space when you have a few hundred laying around.) But between now and Christmas, we’ll definitely keep them in stock.

Also! For folks that love both posters, there’s a cheaper two-pack that’ll save you $5 on shipping and price. So check out the gettin’s over at the gettin’ store!