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Questions that have popped up…

Since the site launched, a few questions have popped up, and I thought I’d try to tackle ’em:

@Lonely Goatherd “The RSS link at the top right is broken.”

Should be fixed, now! Showin’ up for me on Google Reader — but let me know if there are problems.

@nanitadequatro “(site) won’t let me use my Sheldon info to sign up. A bit confusing, but I’ll live…”

That’s no good. Did you try logging in with your normal Sheldon details…and it still didn’t work? If so….e-mail me your details, and I’ll see what’s happening.

@ taeraresh “There’s a typo on the ‘cast’ page – “press-ganged into a uniqe mission”.


….workin’ on that. Should be do-able.

@RArcher “Is there anyway to add in the ability to sign up to recieve the Drive Comic on the same email I get Sheldon on? Like maybe a selection form of comics I want to recieve in my profile manager?
Yep! Just do this:
– Log in to the DRIVE site, here: http://drivecomic.com/users/login.html?destination=/forums/drivetalk/
– Then, go to your account info, here — http://www.drivecomic.com/users/ — and click the little-little box indicating you’d like to receive “stuff” from DRIVE. (We’ve made that term un-helpfully un-specific.)

@modlin “I’d prefer it if the forward/back arrows were moved up on the comics, or placed at the top and at the bottom. Or something.
For example, after reading the current Drive comic, I find myself wanting to scroll past the last ‘Machito’ storyline comics to the previous ‘Maker/Continuum’ ones to refresh myself, and I have to scroll down at each page to go back again to get to the arrows on my laptop screen.”

The good news is there are three ways to navigate the strips, forward and backward. On either side of the strip, you’ll see arrows going in either direction. But! Above AND below each strip, in the red bar of links, you’ll find links for “First”, “Previous”, “Next” and “Latest”.

Hope that helps!