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Quick Sale Before Postal Rates Go Up

Starting Monday, all US Postal rates go up across most categories: domestic shipping, international shipping, book shipping, etc…

But before they do, I wanted offer up one last chance to get some great Sheldon Stuff at the old postal rate. So here’s what we’re gonna do: all orders received by 8PM PST on Saturday will ship out under the older, cheaper postal rate.

And to add even more encouragement towards taking the plunge before rates go up…we’re throwing in an impromptu sale as well! From now until 8PM Saturday, all original art is $15 off. (Just click on the blue text “Buy Today’s Original Art” under your favorite strip).

So head on over to the Sheldon Store.

Special note: I’d particularly recommend purchases for international Sheldon readers…as the international shipping rate will bump up by 2 to 3 dollars, in some cases.