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Readers Pics

Over the years, two or three dozen readers have sent me pictures showing off Sheldon in their lives. Most of these are unintentional-but-still-kinda-neat photos:

“Hey Dave, thought you’d get a kick out of this. My wife snuck in a picture of me reading ‘Pure Ducky Goodness’ under the Eiffel Tower.”

“Hey Dave, I took this picture of my pug sleeping on top of my copy of ‘The Good, The Bad & The Pugly’…it’s pretty funny, etc., etc.”

I decided today that I’d make a place for all those photos, over at the Sheldon Store. I’m still looking through my hard drive to find all these pics, so the page will be expanding as the days go on.

But I’ll be honest: if you see that a pic you sent in previously is not up there, please resend it. These have trickled in over the years, and I haven’t done a *ahem* stellar job of *ahem* filing these as studiously as I *ahem* could have. *Ahem*.

Which basically means I’ve lost some. (Just bein’ honest!)

And if you have a funny shot but have never submitted it, by all means send me your pic now, and we’ll add it in over at the store.

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