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Receiving faxes via Macs-es?

Here’s a quick question for Mac users out there:

Has anyone had luck with a Mac-based or web-based faxing program? I *never* use my studio fax machine, and would love to give it to charity. But there is one darn book distributor in the U.S. (*cough* Baker & Tayler *cough*) that only orders their Sheldon books via fax. And only by fax! No web-based system, no e-mail system…only faxes. Awesome. Welcome to 1988, Baker & Tayler.

So here’s what I’m hoping exists: Some system that will allow me to give Baker & Tayler a permanent fax number to send to…but which comes to me in email or PDF form. Does such a magical system exist? Surely someone else has faced this problem of having to deal with businesses stuck in the Reagan era.

If you know a good solution, please post below…and THANKS!