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Roadtrip Nation

Have you heard of the PBS show Roadtrip Nation? The concept is pretty fun: they put three college students on the road across America, and ask them to interview artists and entrepreneurs, musicians and leaders…to find out how they got to their ideal career…to see how they found their calling in life…how they pursued their dreams…and what failures and successes they found along the way.

Well, tonight…Roadtrip Nation pulled up to the ol’ Sheldon studio, and I had a great time with the interview. We laughed a lot…and hopefully I had a few useful tidbits to help students find their dream career. But maybe not: I did a section of the interview in a jokey Thurston Howell voice from Gilligan’s Island, so that part’s probably unusable on national TV.

I’ll give you the heads up in Fall when the segment is up, but for now, here’s a shot of me at my drawing desk with the awesome, awesome interviewers who dropped by. Thank you guys for the laughter-filled night!

Also! Today’s strip is the start of a few days of Shakespeare jokes. After Sunday’s motorcycle strip,
I hope you’ll indulge me in a little literary humor.

But an idea popped into my head tonight – actually, during the interview – that struck me as funny: every time Discovery Channel does their “Shark Week”, I think I’m gonna do a “Shakespeare Week” of comics. And the logo could be a Jaws-esque Bard swimmin’ to the surface.