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Salsa of the Gods

In the most recent Sheldon newsletter, I mentioned that Sheldon reader Monty F. had organized a shipment of donated Sheldon books to troops serving overseas….which was awesome of him to do. I was more than happy to donate the Sheldon books, but Monty did the heavy lifting in making it happen.

Kindness like that should be returned. So allow me to steer you to Monty’s store for the best salsa I’ve ever had in my life: his Cranberry Salsa. It’s amazingly tasty stuff: cool, sweet and delicious. My wife and I devour it in barbecue season.

He makes award-winning hot sauces, too, but because I have a wimp of a palate, I can’t give you knowledgeable recommendations in that department. But I’d fight a bear for that sweet, sweet salsa. A bear with anger-control issues. A bear who’s looking to burn off some of the steam from his failing marriage. A bear who….well, you get the point. A big bear.

(Note: I don’t profit from this link at all. I just wanted to do something nice for Monty’s kindness in getting Sheldon books to troops stationed overseas.)