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SD Comic-Con! Booth #1330!

Aaaand, I’m off! San Diego Comic-Con! Woo-hoo!

I’ll be on the road until this coming Monday, so forgive me if I don’t answer your e-mails or post much to the blog. I’ll be a busy li’l cartoonist.

But! For those that can make it to SDCC, and do swing by booth #1330, here is the awesomeness you can expect:

– Three Comic-Con-Exclusive Sheldon shirts: “Coffee: It’s What’s for Dinner”, “Lucky Duck”, and “WWAKD?” Each made from super-soft American Apparel t-shirts (the best around!)

– Eight Comic-Con-Exclusive Sheldon buttons!

– $25-off all Sheldon original art! Dailies! Sundays! The whole shebang! $25 off!

– Free sketches in any Sheldon book you buy! Pick your favorite character, and watch ’em come to life at the hands of a cartoonist who (by that point in the day) will have eaten 9 churros!

– Free, Commemorative 2007 SDCC High-Fives to anyone that asks for one! Make sure you get yours, so you can prove to your grandkids you were there!

– The new book! (It’s not 100% guaranteed that it’ll get to the ‘Con in time, but I’m feelin’ pretty confident I’ll have copies by Friday! …Saturday? …Lord, I’m not sure! Who doesn’t love the fickleness of life’s uncontrollable details!)

Head to booth #1330, under the big “Blank Label Comics” sign. I’ll be the one handin’ out high-fives like they were goin’ outta style.

And if it’s helpful, download and print out this handy map: map (PDF)