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Seattle, Follow-up Post

Some photos have trickled in from Emerald City Comicon that I thought I’d share with you guys. First up, the *coolest family ever* came up to the the booth on Saturday with their own home-made Flaco shirts. Check this out, it made my day:

Sheldonista Leslie P. came by the booth as well, sporting her hand-made Arthur plushie. This time, though, she had an awesome little Rex Chestington hat for him. Depending on how you tilt it, he looks cut-throat…or kinda sleepy:

Also, Sheldon reader Matthew R. sent in a photo of this sketch I did for him of a fat Borg:

Also! I totally forgot mention that six or seven Sheldonistas came up throughout the show with gifts of candy, cookies, and Hobnobs…which pleased my inner 9-year old to no end. Thank you for that!