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Sheldon: Gettin’ Science Right! ….Apparently?

I love that The Discovery Channel endorsed this Sheldon toon over on their blog.

Because if there’s one thing I have always prided myself on, as a cartoonist, it’s my in-depth, thorough knowledge of deep-sea aquatic life. And to finally, FINALLY get credit for that is just….well, it’s long overdue.

So! Now that we have The Discovery Channel’s seal of approval, it’s a green light to pursue some solid, cutting edge, comic-strip science. First up, Sheldon will explain what went wrong with the Large Hadron Collider’s test run, and will conclusively prove why the machine won’t find the Higgs boson.

Then, two weeks from now, Flaco will talk at length about the 1883 Krakatoa eruption, and show beyond doubt how it related to the fall of the British Empire.

Then, just before Thanksgiving, Dante will be reading from his peer-reviewed paper on genetic evolution of maladaptive traits… showing how that relates to the now-extinct Irish Giant Deer.

Because science is what we do here, people. It’s what we do.

All joking aside: Thanks for the kind shout-out, Discovery!