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Sheldon In Your College Paper

It’s that time of year: you’re headin’ back to class, buyin’ $400 chemistry books (that you’ll sell back at the end of the year for $1.32), and divin’ into the Sheldon archives between classes.

Over the summer, I had a few college readers ask me if and how Sheldon could be in their college paper… so now is probably a good time to follow up on that:

To get Sheldon in your college paper, just e-mail your head editor or features editor and request they add it in. Having your friends join in on the chorus will undoubtedly help: editors can be swayed just like any other human being. And, you can seal the deal with this: unlike professional publications, I give Sheldon to college papers for free. Because, c’mon, it’s not like your college paper is swimmin’ in funding.

Just have them e-mail me to get set up with a login to grab high-res versions of the daily strip.