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Space! The Final Frontier!

We have seen Comrade Steve and Yuri before, have we not? Allow me to direct you to one of my favorite Sheldon strips: featuring our favorite, rarely-appearing astronaut/cosmonaut team.

And, for those following along, here are the 1,2,3,4,5,6 previous installments of our Saturday-only, super-space-extravaganza storyline. The verdict so far? Half of you love it, half of you don’t. I’m enjoyin’ it, so I hope you’ll bear with me.


Also, congrats to Timothy S. of Buck Creek, IN….you’ve purchased the final Artist’s Edition of the Pugly book. Hopefully the extra-cool sketch you’ll receive inside will make up for the fact that your town sounds uncomfortably like “Butt Crack”.

I joke! I joke! I lived in Indiana for four years! I love the place!

And for everyone else: free U.S. shipping ends Sunday night at Midnight, pacific-standard time! (Make sure you click the option with free shipping when you order.)