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Strip Transcriptions / Haircut Tipping

Thank you to everyone who has been transcribing Sheldon strips. We have about 1/8th of the strips done, and so far the results are looking good.

If you haven’t tried it yet, why not join in on the patented Good Times®?

Under every strip in the Sheldon archive is the text “Information for this strip has not yet been entered. Transcribe this strip.” Click that link, and it’ll take you to the Sheldon-o-matic Auto-Fabulous Transcription System®, where you can capture the magic of each strip in text form!

This’ll let you search for punchlines, characters, and favorite strips. (For example: you can now see how many times I’ve used the word dude in Sheldon.


Here are a couple of tips when you transcribe:

1.) Use sentence case when transcribing dialogue, not Title Case or ALL CAPS.

2.) Don’t go overboard in listing props or attributes. As a general rule, just list the props and attributes that someone would ever want/need to search for, or which play a key part in the strip itself.

3.) Proofread your strip one last time before you submit it.


Next, we need to talk about “haircut tipping”. Everyone has their own preferred percentage in restuarant tipping, so we can skip over that. I know friends that think anything above 10% is absurd, and others who think that anything less that 20% is like going out to lunch with Ebeneezer Scrooge. So let’s leave all that aside and get to the trickiest tipping of all: Haircuts. What’s the verdict on this one?

‘Cause I have no clue. I just tend to grab whatever receipts and random scraps of paper I have in my wallet and awkwardly thrust them toward the person while mumbling something along the lines of “Chip-chip, old bean…”

…Is it 10%?