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You may have heard me talk about my friend Brad Guigar’s strip, “Evil, Inc.” I’m a big fan of the strip, and love Brad’s hilarious take on the superhero/supervillain genre.

Well good news has come to the strip: Diamond will begin offering the Evil, Inc. books to comics book stores in the US and around the world.

Evil Inc Annual Report, Vol 1 is the first offering, appearing in the January issue of Previews, which hits comic shops and bookstores this Friday, Dec. 22. It’s right there on page 281, item code: JAN073651.

But here’s the thing: since the comic book business (like the comic strip business) has taken such a beating in recent years, Diamond now needs to see immediate and sustained success from a new offering, in order to keep carrying it.

So the next time you’re in your comic shop or bookstore, please ask for the Evil Inc Annual Report, Vol 1 by name, and ask that they carry it. You’d be doing a talented cartoonist, and a hilarious strip, a good turn…and you’d be picking up a great read that I highly recommend.