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Talk/Signing Added! Miami! Jan 23rd! 8PM!

Miami residents! Floridians in general! I come bearing news! I will be there Friday, Jan. 23rd at Books & Books‘ *NEW* store in Miami Beach for a Talk/Q&A/Booksigning! Which will be awesome for all involved, and which I know you will not miss, as I will be puttin’ some prit-ty rad drawings in all six Sheldon books.

It all starts at 8PM and will go until 9 or 9:30, depending on how much fun we’re having with the talk and stuff. I’ll be speaking about Sheldon and cartooning, of course, but I’ll also be talking about the new life for artists online: How webcartoonists like myself make a living by giving our art away for free. (So if you know of local High School or university art students/professors who might find that interesting, pass along word! That portion of the talk will be a compressed version of what our book “How To Make Webcomics” is all about.)

I never, ever, ever get to go to Florida, so I know you’ll make the effort to come out…because it’s going to be fun. Anyway, here are the details:

WHAT: Awesomeness

WHEN: Jan. 23rd, 8-9:30 PM

WHERE: Books & Books (new!) store at 927 Lincoln Rd., Miami Beach, FL, 33139 | (305) 532-3222

HOW: Here’s a Google Maps Directions Link.

WHY: Because you enjoy good times, high fives, and free sketches

WAIT: Ooo, and if you’re coming, drop me an e-mail) so we know how many to expect!