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Guys, it’s Thanksgiving! Happy Thanksgiving, guys! I know 30% of you read Sheldon from outside the U.S., but you know what? I WISH YOU AN AWESOME THANKSGIVING, TOO. 🙂

That’s the kind of stand-up guy I am.

For my American cohorts, I hope the day is a restful and peaceful one, full of much pie, good board games, turkey-induced comas, and the like.

New strips will be running throughout the week, even though web traffic this week essentially falls through the floor. So! When you get back from post-Thanksgiving shopping, there’ll be new Sheldons awaiting.
Along those lines: I should mention that, on Friday, there’ll be a bunch of special deals going into the Sheldon Store…so keep an eye pealed for those.

But in the meantime, enjoy your Thanksgiving! And thank YOU for reading Sheldon: It means the world to this li’l cartoonist. 🙂