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The Hobbit

So, I’ve seen the Hobbit six times already. Huge nerd, over here: Huge, huge nerd. And while I love it, and will watch it four dozen more times over my life….it…ain’t great. Not like Jackson’s LOTR trilogy, which in so many ways was a near-perfect execution of three very dense books.

There’s a good movie *somewhere* in The Hobbit — but it’s clear that nothing hit the editing room floor. If there was a scene where Bilbo picked out socks in the book, it became a 20-minute montage-with-song in the movie.

But! That being said…I’ve already seen it six times. And will watch it umpteen more times. They’ve got my money…rest assured. And in a lot of ways, the Lord of the Rings was so note-perfect, that Jackson can kinda do whatever he’d like with The Hobbit. He’s earned it, in my book.

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