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The Lost Books of the Sierra Madre

While moving to the new Sheldon studio in February, my wife discovered a box of “A Well Balanced Meal” books.

“A Well Balanced Meal”, if you remember, was my first collection of comics, and features the first appearance of Sheldon.

We had sold out of these books a good while back…so finding a box o’books kind of took us by surprise. (Ah, the joys of clutter.)

After thinking about what to do with them, I’ve decided to keep three for myself, and offer up the rest as a bundle pack. Sheldon newsletter
readers got first crack at ’em…so now there are only 20 left.

This book will never be printed again, so if you’re interested,
pick up a bundle pack.

In one throw, you’ll own the entire three-book collection: “Pure Ducky Goodness”, “The Good, The Bad and The Pugly”, and “A Well Balanced Meal”. And if you already have one of the books, you can give the gift of Sheldon to a loved one, get on their “Awesome” list, and still pick up something cool for yourself.

These last copies of “A Well Balanced Meal” are ever-so-slightly scuffed on the binding edge, but in such manner as may not even be noticeable. All three books will be signed and dated, wrapped in collector’s plastic, and shipped with love.