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The Unbearable Lightness of “Squee”

Sheldonista George B. sent me an interesting read on “squee” that I thought I’d share….

Hey man. I don’t know if you’ve ever talked about this, but I always think about it, and today was so perfect I just had to comment on it.

Squee, and the way you use it in the strips, is the ultimate word. It’s like Dude. You can say it millions of ways and they all mean something different. Sometimes whole paragraphs with a single Squee.

I am not sure how much you plan this, or if it just happens, but I LOVE Flaco SO much because of this. What I mean is how whenever Flaco comments on something, there’s a duality that is so cool….one part is whatever you intended the “squee” to be which the reader can kind of gather from the context, but the BEST part is deciding what WE think he is saying. I’m sure you have something in mind specifically but today, for instance, I heard “word” when Flaco said “squee.”

Anyhow…not sure any of that made sense, but that is the secret sauce in what makes Flaco so cool!