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The World Needs More Staceys :)

Got this got note from Sheldonista Stacey M., and was kinda floored by her accompanying photo:

Hi Dave —

Wanted to send a ‘thank you’…my Artist’s Editions of “Literature” and “Drive”
arrived today to much excitement [I may or may not have been compulsively
refreshing the shipping status page once I saw it had shipped]. You should have
heard the “squee!” when I saw I had number 2 of “Literature”…thank you!!

With these two latest, I now have all 11 of your books in my collection [plus
two originals and two sketches you did for me [way-back-when at the Cartoon Art
Museum in San Francisco]. I’ve attached a picture I took for myself and for
insurance purposes…my Kellett Collection, all in one place.

Thanks, Stacey! This is pretty dang cool!