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This Weekend! I’m in Long Beach!

Two things you need to know:

1.) I’ll be at the Long Beach Comic-Con all this weekend, at booth #515, with all the Sheldon books, Drive books, posters, and even Arthur sculptures for sale! PLUS I’m giving out free sketches and gen-u-ine, lasting friendship.

2.) I’m also giving a talk on Saturday at 3PM in room 103-B. It’ll be a great one for fans of Sheldon and Drive: I’ll be taking any questions you like on the strips, the characters, how they’re made, and more. And I’ll be giving some sneak-peak info into our upcoming documentary on comic strips: STRIPPED. Please come by! The more of you that are there, the better the talk will be.

So! Recap! Long Beach Comic-Con! Booth 515! Talk on Saturday at 3 in room 103-B!

See you guys then!