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For fun, thought I’d share the timeline of the story so far!

I think I got everything… but if there are any dates mentioned/implied in the strip that I’ve left out, do let me know!


1870 First Veetan ships begin venturing into space
1980 Renegade pre-Maker’s ship has catastrophic accident and begins drifting through space
2081 Veetan ship comes into contact with a Continuum ship. No conflict noted.
2258 Conrado finds the Continuum ship in Spain
2273 First human contact with Veetans. Establishment of the Veetan/Human alliance.
2289 Emperor Pablo (“the Great”) dies
2290 Emperor Osvaldo begins his reign. Jinyiwei established. Nuevo Chile banned from the Empire.
2291 First human contact with Tesskans/Fillipods. There are skirmishes in and around Tesskil, but it mostly ends there for the Empire… as it will take Tesskans 80 years to get to Earth.
2331 First human contact with The Vinn
2332-2334 Human-Vinn War. Ends in unstated armistice, with the introduction of the Daisy Cutter weapon into the war.
2350 “The Rebellion” begins in Las Hermanitas (the three outer colonies)
2365 The Tres Primos begin their campaign against the Empire
2379 The first Tesskan near-light-drive ships begin entering human space
2380-2383 Human-Tesskan War. Ends one week after the Veetans entered the war.
2384 First Imperial contact with the Continuum
2384 Machito re-christened as a military scout ship
2386 Taneel takes command of the huge battle cruiser Sevillana. She is promoted from Captain to Ship-of-the-line Captain (capitán de navío)
2392-2398 Nosh stuck in Moscow
2398-9 Nosh joins Captain Taneel’s crew
2400 Fernando joins Captain Taneel’s crew
2401 Emperor Manuel Jose Cruz murdered. Nosh taken into custody. Captain Taneel relieved of command of Sevillana. Skitter wakes up in prison.