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Tonj: The Card Game That’s Fun to Play, and Impossible to Remember!

Based on all the generous responses from my post about coffee mugs, it occurred to me that I should ask for help on a genuine question that’s been bugging my wife and I for years. Namely: What are the rules to the Jordanian card game, Tonj?

(Sad to say, this is actually a genuine question on my part!)

Here’s the back story: When my wife and I were going to grad school in England, one of her roommates was a really funny, wonderful girl from Jordan — who taught us this awesome card game called “Tonj” (or “Tanj” or “Tahnj”).

Not unlike the card game “War,” Tonj was a two-person game that could be played with one or two decks, and was (I think) played solely between two people. And my wife and I loved it — we played it all the time. But then, for reasons neither of us can remember, we stopped playing it altogether. Even worse: We completely forgot the rules after only a few months!

And now, despite my best efforts with phonetic boolean searches, I can’t find the dang game described anywhere on the web! Darn it all, only 16%* of the world’s knowledge has been codified on the Net, so Google is giving me bupkus.

So! If you’re from Jordan, and you know what game I’m talking about — drop me a line! You’d make two nerds very happy!

And, should anyone be kind enough to link to or describe the game, I’ll be sure to share it with everyone else via the blog. It’s a fun game to try: It’s one of those card games that goes fast, then slow, then fast again — but allows for rapid-fire conversation the whole time.

*I made that number up. But I’m guessing it’s a surprisingly low number in actuality.