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Turnaround of “The Machito”!

Guys, we all owe Robert Maxwell many internet high-fives. Not only did he produce that awesome flyby of the Emperor’s ship La Invencible…he went on this week to produce this wickedly cool turnaround of the Machito!

Drive – Machito from Robert Maxwell on Vimeo.

I love how he intuited that, while the ring pinches surrounding space, it’s the side nacelles that actually act as propulsion: I’m not sure I had ever explicitly said that! So extra high-fives for Robert.

I’m already gonna send him a special drawing of the Drive cast…but please, let’s all encourage him in the comments below to tackle one of the Continuum ships! I’d love to see how he renders their more dolphin-esque profile, wouldn’t you?
Robert, if you’re ever able to mock up the Continuum ships