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I should start by thanking everyone who came out and said “hi” in Seattle at The Comic Stop on Monday — Gloria and I had a lot of fun meeting you all. And a big internet high-five to Jim, George, and all The Comic Stop staff for welcoming us there. And if you took pics — and six or seven of you did — send ’em along and I’ll post ’em!

Next, I should mention Twitter…since that’s the topic o’ the day in the strip. And I’ll be honest, here: For all its faults, I’ve become addicted to Twitter.

Facebook, I’ve never really gotten into. I mean, I guess I log in every once in a while…but it’s not really my style. It’s a big elaborate hook just to show me your vacation photos.

But the bare-bones style of Twitter I really respond to: It’s the substance without all the window-dressing.

If you’re a Twitter user, feel free to listen to my blatherings over at