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Two New Books @ San Diego Comic-Con!

San Diego Comic-Con, as you guys know, is the big enchilada of the comics world. It’s 130,000 folks gathering over five days for comics and pop culture. And this year, we’ll have TWO new books premiering at the show!

The first book will be centered on a theme, like the popular Pugs collection, which gathered all the pug strips into one book. The new collection is themed for book-lovers: It’s called LITERATURE: Unsuccessfully Competing Against TV Since 1953, and gathers all the Sheldon bibliophile strips into one book. It’s everything from Twain to Tolkien, Seuss to Shakespeare.

The book will be available at SDCC, and then will be available in the Sheldon Store a week or so later, when we’ve had the big LA book-launch party. Here’s the cover (or click here for a larger image):

The second book will be the first collection of DRIVE strips! It’ll have the same shape as the Sheldon books, but will feel closer to those 50-page Marvel/DC novelettes, with glossy interior pages. I’m excited for it! Here’s the cover (…for a larger image, click here):

The Drive book will have a super limited print-run — just a few hundred copies — but remaining copies will be available in the store after the San Diego show ends.

Anyway, I can’t wait for you guys to see ’em!