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Update: “How To Make Webcomics”!

Today, Image Comics FedEx’d me a copy of “How To Make Webcomics,” and I’m so, so happy with how it came out. It looks beautiful. And man, talk about hefty! This book weighs in at a pound, and is a half-inch thick! This book could take care of itself in a bar brawl. It’s a solid piece o’ work!

Look at the size of this puppy next to the Sheldon books:

Here’s a list of chapter headings for the book, and a breakdown of the author who steered each:

Introduction (Scott Kurtz)

Chapter 1: Your Webcomic (Dave Kellett)

Chapter 2: Your Characters (Scott Kurtz)

Chapter 3: Formatting (Kris Straub)

Chapter 4: Image Preparation (Brad Guigar)

Chapter 5: Writing (Scott Kurtz)

Chapter 6: Website Design (Kris Straub)

Chapter 7: Branding & Building (Scott Kurtz)

Chapter 8: Interacting with your Audience (Dave Kellett)

Chapter 9: Monetizing your Webcomic (Dave Kellett)

Chapter 10: Books (Brad Guigar)

Chapter 11: Conventions (Brad Guigar)

Chapter 12: Next Steps (Kris Straub)

Chapter 13: A Final Thought (Dave Kellett)

You’ll notice, as soon as you start reading the book, that all four of us are heard from throughout the book — even in chapters we didn’t author — by piping in via sidebars, or voice-bubble “chime-ins” to the topic at hand. It makes for a more interesting read, to see where four artists agree and disagree.

Here are some shots of sample pages:

But here is the bad news: I just found out that the book distributor’s delivery to the Sheldon store won’t be here until Saturday! Three days late, the bums!

Know though, that we’re going to work double-time to get all pre-orders shipped out to you ASAP, as soon as we get ’em! Your support means the world to me, and I am personally going to make sure these ship as fast as humanly possible.